About Us

YS Photo Studio was founded by Jeffrey Sek back in the 1970s. President of Persatuan Fotografi Selangor & Kuala Lumpur (Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Photography Organisation), Jeffrey is a seasoned photographer with particular interest in capturing portraits of people. His hands-on experience and recognition, his active participation, along with a list of royal family clientele are the ingredients that make him legendary in the industry. Among his other clientele are politicians, universities’ convocations and advertising agencies.

What makes YS prominent.

In the early days, he has defined key areas involved in successfully running YS. It includes mission to converge digital technology and photography in the studio. Think of how the old way of taking pictures being replaced with powerful digital camera that can edit and enhance at the same time. Thit is one of YS missions since inception. Others include:

  • Investment of modern equipment and technology. A forte that has kept YS at the front line for many years.
  • The dedication shown by our team members has also keeps the momentum of productivity and quality on the run, always.
  • Excellent customer service. We make clients feel comfortable every time they walk into our shop.

Through the lenses to the future.

For three decades, we have captivate a live journal of YS portrait with the vibrancy of our craftsmanship and quality paraphernalia. Yet, we don’t stop here; we continue to develop pages after pages of achievement. To us, everyday is a day for improvement.